HealthCorps To Hold Teen Battle Chef Showdown at Whole Foods Market Upper West Side, Wednesday, March 30th

Posted 03/28/2011 | By HealthCorps

NEW YORK, NY– March 28, 2011 — HealthCorps®, a proactive health movement with an in-school educational and mentoring program in 11 states, including 17 New York City schools, announces a Teen Battle Chef Showdown at Whole Foods Market, 808 Columbus Ave., New York, on Wednesday, March 30.

The cooking competition, showcasing the skills of HealthCorps high school students, features Family Cook Productions’ Teen Battle Chef nutritional cooking program, now established as part of the HealthCorps curriculum. Two teams of students will present their skills in cooking two of the program’s recipes with a ‘secret ingredient’ supplied as a challenge by Whole Foods Market. A panel of judges will rate their efforts.

WHERE: Whole Foods Market at 808 Columbus Avenue at West 97th Street

WHEN: Wednesday, March 30, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. MEDIA PHOTO AND VIDEO OPPORTUNITIES from 4:15 p.m.

WHO/WHAT: The Teen Battle Chef Showdown involves two teams of students from George Washington Educational Campus in Manhattan and University Heights High School in the Bronx. As active participants in the Teen Battle Chef program since the start of the school year, the students have developed culinary skills and nutrition knowledge that they will showcase at the Showdown. The event also represents an opportunity for the young chefs to give back to their community by demonstrating their cooking skills and sharing healthy recipes with family, friends and the greater community. The teams will be judged on a variety of criteria: knife skills, food safety, organization, taste and presentation.

The panel of judges includes Dr. Robert J. Koenig, Associate Dean of the New York Institute of Technology’s School of Management Student Advancement Programs and former chef; Alex Askew, Co-Founder of the Black Culinarian Alliance, a nationwide non-profit, educational and networking organization of hospitality and food service professionals; Alexander Renzi, Founder of me & goji, the first custom cereal and granola company; and Matt Burns, Creative Taste Operator at BK Salsa, novelist and actor.

About HealthCorps
HealthCorps’ core mission is to fight child obesity by empowering teens and communities to become health agents of change to enhance the health of their environments and to help the country reach the tipping point towards wellness now and for the future. HealthCorps is focused on three priorities – educating the student body®; achieving community outreach through “Fit Town™” – an initiative to connect and activate citizens and organizations to bring about change through local projects and initiatives; and advocating for policy shifts across all levels of government that put health and physical education back into the core curriculum of the American education system. The program network spans 41 schools in 11 states. The HealthCorps Board of Directors includes medical practitioners such as Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Brian Wansink (Cornell), Dr. David Katz (Yale University), Dr. Michael Roizen (Cleveland Clinic), Dr. John Ratey (Harvard), Dr. Laura Berman and many other renown health experts. HealthCorps is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization. For more information, please visitwww.healthcorps.org

About FamilyCook Productions and Teen Battle Chef
Teen Battle Chef is a youth development program exploring culinary, nutrition, food systems and gardening education. Developed by FamilyCook Productions founder and author Lynn Fredericks, Teen Battle Chef is conducted as part of HealthCorps’ in-school program on nutrition, fitness and mental resilience. Teen Battle Chef empowers youth to challenge themselves on a skills level and practice being part of team effort. Young people develop leadership, teamwork, and culinary skills as well as gain nutrition knowledge and a new appreciation for diverse, healthy and sustainably-produced food. The evidence-based curriculum is designed to be implemented by school or community group staff to combat the growing obesity problem in youth. For more information on Teen Battle Chef and FamilyCook, please visit www.familycookproductions.com, call 212/867-3929 or emailinfo@familycookproductions.com.


Karen Johnson, HealthCorps® Director of Communications
Phone: (212) 742-2875
Email: karen.johnson@healthcorps.org

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