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Posted 09/11/2014 | By HealthCorps

We at HealthCorps continue to remember and mourn
the many individuals who lost their lives on September 11th.
We honor their memory and pray for those whose lives were irrevocably changed that day.
We continue to send our support to their loved ones.

As a new school year begins, it’s also a perfect time to reflect on some of the testimonials from this past spring school semester.  They convey the impact HealthCorps coordinators have on heath and well- being, and their influence is not just confined to the students.  Teachers and school staff members also benefit from HealthCorps lessons!

Ginn Academy

“I have a craving for healthy foods since joining the cooking club”- Student

“You finally got to me. I stopped drinking (soda) pop, and I am on my second month pop-free.  I used to drink at least 50 ounces a day”. –Faculty

Health Careers Academy

“The shrimp stir fry the TBC (Teen Battle Chef) students made were delicious! Can I have the recipe that the students used for their battle?” –Vicki Hall, HCA Secretary

“I love the garden, Ms. Fortes.” -Perla Pineda, Student

“What are we doing today for your lesson? I love learning all of the new things that you have to teach us about health.” –Trinity Gaines, Student

“The strawberry tastes good (from our garden).” –Jazmin Velazco


“There will be no more sugar in my house!” -Janitor

“You are going to have us all healthy by the time you’re done with us!” –Head of Student Affairs

“You have earned the respect of everyone in this building because you are getting the students so excited about their health” -Administrator

“Those healthy eating tips you gave me helped me a lot; now I try to get fruit in my breakfast every morning” –Student

“I’m going to make sure my mom makes these smoothies at home!” -Student

Garinger High School

“I created a healthy eating video game as my class project because of your lessons.”– Student

“I told my husband all of your water and health facts about soda. Now he has stopped drinking soda. He’s been drinking more water. To make it better, my two sons are following his example!” –Staff

American Legion High School

“With HealthCorps on campus, students now know to put their health first!”– Principal

“These are great lessons and they are exactly what we need to hear. When I was a student, we did not have this information, so you (students) are very lucky.” -Teacher

“Mr. (Tyler) Mar, thank you for bringing these lessons to this school, and to our students.  We love having HealthCorps on campus.” –Teacher

“I’ve been wanting to get healthier, but never really knew how.  I want to talk to someone who knows about health and get the information I need, and now I can with you!” –Student

Desert View High School

“It is a sad day knowing you will be leaving DV; however, your mark will always be noticed.  You did so many great things with our students, and we are very grateful for you being such a light.” -Administrator

“I’m so thankful for the HealthCorps classes.  They really opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t know about food.” -Student

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