HealthCorps students to share culinary flair at annual Farm-to-Fork event

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July 17, 2015

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HealthCorps students to share culinary flair at annual Farm-to-Fork event
Sen. Galgiani invites Teen Battle Chef students from Health Careers Academy

WHO: HealthCorps students from Health Careers Academy’s Teen Battle Chef
WHAT: Farm-to-Fork Senate Rules Committee
WHEN: Thursday, July 23, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
WHERE: San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, 1658 S. Airport Way, Stockton, CA 95206, building No. 2

STOCKTON, CA (July 17, 2015) – While the Central Valley is one of the richest agricultural centers of the world, many of its residents live below the poverty line, in food deserts more abundant in corner markets than in fresh produce.

In an effort to empower youth to improve their diets and lifestyles, HealthCorps is partnered with two Stockton high schools – Health Careers Academy and Franklin High – to instruct students in nutrition, fitness and mental resilience.

Recently, after HCA beat Franklin High in a cooking competition (by just one point), State Sen. Cathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton) invited the winners to be part of the third annual Farm-to-Fork event on July 23.

“Teaching students the importance of cooking healthy meals at a reasonable price is a lesson that can be shared not only with them, but also with the families of the students; thus importing their way of eating and leading a healthier lifestyle,” said HealthCorps Coordinator Bernice Rosas, who has been working with the HCA students and community.

The young chefs, ranging in age from 14 to 16, will create the following dishes:
• Breakfast parfait
• Egg sandwich
• Spinach and pesto quesadilla

Sen. Galgiani, who was a judge of the Teen Battle Chef cooking competition between the two Stockton schools in May, said programs like HealthCorps are vital to combat the childhood obesity crisis while educating teens in nutrition and fitness in a fun, engaging manner.

“The Central Valley is the bread basket of the world and too many are unaware of the harm being done with their unhealthy diets and how easy it is to access healthy produce, dairy and meets that are grown right here in our community,” Galgiani said. “This year I am so please to have a special guest attending our third annual Farm-to-Fork event, the winner of the Teen Battle Chef from Health Careers Academy, will be joining us and I would like to invite everyone in the community to come join us on July 23rd.”


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