HealthCorps Students at Astec Charter High School Embrace Recycling

Posted 07/23/2015 | By HealthCorps

Recycling is still a tough sell to many Americans. On Earth Day 2015, students at Astec Charter High School saw a lack of environmental awareness on their school front, and they decided to take action.

HealthCorps students in the wellness club began a recycling initiative, after realizing that there were no recycling bins in the cafeteria for the water bottles students were being given (in lieu of sugary beverages). Noticing the waste buildup from these plastic bottles, the students took action, bringing recycling bins into the cafeteria by literally turning traditional waste bins into newly designated recycling bins. The students were also respectfully proactive, talking to the school janitors to work out the recycling/curbside logistics.

Of course, the student body also needed encouragement to adopt this new recycling program. The HealthCorps wellness club students created posters to educate and inspire the student body to embrace the recycling initiative.

This is HealthCorps in action!!



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