HealthCorps Alumnus and Teen Battle Chef Student Featured on The Food Network’s Chopped

Posted 10/02/2012 | By HealthCorps

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Joel Allette, a former HealthCorps student, will appear on the Food Network show “Chopped” tonight,  October 2nd at 10pm ET/PT!

Last fall, Chopped contacted HealthCorps curriculum partner Teen Battle Chef (TBC) to assist in selecting participants for a special teen episode of the show. After a series of written applications and interviews, Joel Allette was selected to be on the program. TBC founder, Lynn Fredericks, credits his selection to Joel’s passion for cooking and “larger than life” personality.

Joel was introduced to the TBC program and to HealthCorps as a student at James Baldwin High School in New York City. Through HealthCorps and TBC, Joel developed his passion for cooking, eventually securing an internship at the Sylvia Center in New York City and taking on myriad of other leadership opportunities in the culinary field (such as teaching young children about healthy foods). Click here to learn more about Joel.

There will be a public screening of the Chopped Teen Episode on October 2nd at 4 Food Restaurant from 8-11pm, where Joel will be the guest of honor. 4Food is a quality quick service restaurant and they will offer ‘Happy Hour” prices on food and beverages throughout the evening in honor of Joel, who won the 4Food Veggiescoop Contest in 2010 and had his recipe on the 4Food menu for 18 months.

Joel Allette’s story is an example of how HealthCorps can positively impact a young person’s life.  And Joel is paying it forward as he works with younger children, teaching them how to use fresh ingredients in simple-to-prepare dishes.  Congratulations Joel!!

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