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Posted 08/12/2014 | By HealthCorps

Jessica Siler, coordinator at New Utrecht High School

“Raquel is a freshman student who has been in my class since September. She always sits diligently in the front row and is incredibly bright, yet painfully shy. I was pleasantly surprised when Raquel applied to be in my Teen Battle Chef Program (TBC) and said that she wanted to learn to cook new and healthy foods for her Dominican family, but also to (learn to be) “be more social.”” In the two months that Raquel has participated TBC, I have been able to witness a transformation as she has become more confident, both in TBC and in class, as well as growing her bourgeoning friend group. Raquel recently told me that she didn’t used to look forward to coming to school but that now on Tuesdays, she wakes up so happy to come to school, because she knows she gets to go to TBC”.

Kapri Kreps at Humanities Prep/James Baldwin

“On Wednesday April 2, Professional Chef George Duran joined Teen Battle Chef at James Baldwin/Humanities Prep. The students had a wonderful time engaging with Chef Duran while making jambalaya and Thai fish chowder. Throughout the afternoon, they gained insight into what it is like working in the food industry, along with some culinary tips to apply in their daily lives. This special event proceeded HealthCorps’ annual Gala on April 9, which took place in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. During this event, four students from James Baldwin/Humanities Prep were able to assist Chef Duran in the preparation and execution of blackened shrimp made with a secret rub, along with an avocado-based sauce. The students are still talking about this incredible experience, along with all of the individuals they met and conversed with, during this event.”

Coordinator Jessica Siler's students

Coordinator Jessica Siler’s students

Coordinator Kapri Kreps with her students

Coordinator Kapri Kreps with her students

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