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Posted 08/12/2014 | By HealthCorps

Janét Hinton at Central High School

“During the Staff Wellness Competition, 16 teachers and 2 students competed on teams to make Healthier Choices. The criteria for competing were to Increase Water Intake (participants collected bottle caps of the water they consumed and tallied them at the end of each week with me), Become More Physically Active (participants tracked their steps with pedometers, AND Lose Inches of Belly Fat. I sent weekly Natural Green Juicing Tips and offered abdominal workout tips to motivate and offer creative ideas.  The teachers came to me biweekly to measure their waist size and to see progress.”

Arielle Feldshon at Westside High School

“I was working with a student who was really struggling with her weight (250+ lbs) and struggling to afford healthy food on SNAP benefits.  She has graduated and is going to college, and is planning to begin a website to encourage African American and Hispanic parents to introduce healthier eating habits!”

Andrea recently shared –“I see that the issue within my community is AFFORDING healthy alternatives and/or (knowing) how to prepare these foods, so I plan on detailing that and providing links to supermarkets that give good deals!”

Central High School students

Central High School students

Westside High School student

Westside High School student

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