HealthCorps® partners with #HalfTheStory to combat negative effects of social media on teens

Posted 05/23/2019 | By HealthCorps

New York May 23, 2019 – HealthCorps® (www.healthcorps.org), a national non-profit with innovative approaches to help teens grow mentally strong and physically fit, announces its partnership with #HalfTheStory to help teens combat the negative effect of social media on their lives. #HalfTheStory is a non-profit devoted to combating the negative effects of social media on mental health through advocacy, education, and access to resources for youth.

“As of January 2019, New York became the first state in the U.S. to require mental health as part of health education in schools state-wide. #HalfTheStory’s collaboration with Healthcorps this May is an opportunity to expand this initiative across the US, and to provide programming to combat the negative effects of social media on mental health,” said #HalfTheStory founder Larissa May.

In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month, HealthCorps coordinators are encouraging students to practice mental resilience through understanding social media perceptions and detoxing on social media. This is being accomplished through classroom facilitations, tip sheets and “HealthCorps® Café O Yea” demonstrations. Café O’ Yea’s are fun skill-building activities with measurable outcomes that HealthCorps coordinators employ to complement the in-classroom education to impact more students, staff and community members.

Students and Coordinators will be sharing their personal stories regarding social media pressures for the remainder of the month. To learn more or for additional resources and articles about mental health please visit HealthCorps and #HalfTheStory on social media and follow the hashtag #HalfTheStoryxHC.

HealthCorps is a 501 (c)(3) founded in 2003 that works in high need high schools to give teens tools to improve physical and mental health so they can learn to live more productive and happier lives.

It has impacted 2.5 million students and educators since then.  We have a network of 350 schools and school sites across 23 states that we have worked in through our Living Lab and educator training programs.

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