HealthCorps Partner and CEO of Vemma Shares Why He’s on Board

Posted 03/13/2014 | By HealthCorps

As one of HealthCorps esteemed Board Members, Vemma’s Founder and CEO BK Boreyko credits a meeting with Dr. Mehmet Oz some nine years ago to capturing his interest in joining the “investment in our next generation.”

In fact, BK was one of the first to climb on board to support Dr. Oz’s mission to improve the life and health of teens nationwide through a curriculum that would include nutrition and fitness education, and a mental resilience component.

BK, as he is called, also runs a company with his creative vision to help people “live the life they deserve.”  The single-formula product line that Vemma offers lays the foundation for the company’s success.  With a commitment to clinical studies, Vemma has developed a line of ultra-premium products.

I asked BK how the Vemma platform and mission fits into the context of a healthy lifestyle.

BK: People know that diet, exercise and quality sleep are part of a healthy lifestyle.  These are the “should dos,” but life gets in the way.  So products like those that Vemma offers, help to provide wellness insurance.  They also let people lose just a little bit of the guilt they may feel when not always making the best lifestyle choices.

Why did you decide to invest in HealthCorps?

BK: When you make an investment you look to get the best return on your investment.  There are not too many (if any) organizations servicing the needs of teens specifically, and yet these young people are the future.  How can you not invest in these future leaders?

Do you remember what you were like as a teen?  Did you struggle with weight?

I was a typical teen, lucky enough to have a mother who was cooking healthy at home.  But teens love junk food and I remember grabbing popular junk snacks and milk.  I was already working when I was young.   In fact, my first job was bagger in a local supermarket.  I would come home and practice bagging, with cans and boxed food from our kitchen cabinets, always striving to be faster and better.  A few years later, I was holding down two jobs, while going to school.  Shades of the businessman I would become.  My dad did struggle with weight all his life, and died in his early seventies from a massive heart attack.  That did affect my perspective on choices we make in our lives that affect our health.  As a dad of six young children, I do make sure they start their day with a dose of health from one of our Vemma products, coupled with a balanced breakfast.

How will Vemma contribute to the future health of our kids and teens?

Teens think they will live forever and they don’t really focus on the decisions they are making now and how it will impact their future health.  Supporting HealthCorps will help to ensure that teens nationwide get a solid core foundation of nutrition, fitness and mental resilience lessons.  I am proud that Vemma is contributing to that vision.

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