HealthCorps’ Organ Donation Campaign to be featured on The Dr. Oz Show

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HealthCorps’ Organ Donation Campaign to be featured on The Dr. Oz Show

NEW YORK, New York (December 19, 2016)- On December 21, HealthCorps’s Organ Donation Campaign will be featured on The Dr. Oz Show. HealthCorps, a national health and wellness nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, is attempting to sign up 62,500 new organ donors through its program. If successful, the year-long initiative could save 500,000 lives.

“At HealthCorps, we give teens practical life skills to improve their physical and mental health so they can learn to live more productive and happier lives. We teach them life-saving skills as well.  Understanding the importance of organ donation can be life-saving,” said Michelle Bouchard, the organization’s president.

HealthCorps Coordinator Elizabeth Gass and three students from The High School of Fashion Industries in New York City will be featured on the show discussing the campaign and the importance of organ donation.  Ms. Gass is also the daughter of a heart transplant cardiologist and spent much of her childhood around transplant specialists.

HealthCorps will employ social media and in-school training to educate teens about the need for organ donations. Its curriculum now includes two lesson plans on organ donation. HealthCorps is working with Organize.org to leverage social media to raise awareness and Donate Life to process the registrations of new donors.

HealthCorps Coordinators around the country will promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle to maintain organ health, and will work in their classrooms and communities to dispel myths surrounding organ donation. A recent poll of high school students conducted by HealthCorps found that 32% of students erroneously think that doctors are less likely to save your life if you are an organ donor. Students will play an organ donation myth-busting game in their schools in December and January.

The organ donation campaign is sponsored by The Choudhrie Family Foundation, which supports medical research and education. Philanthropist and businessman Sudhir Choudhrie was the recipient of a heart transplant, performed by HealthCorps founder Dr. Mehmet Oz, in 1999. His new book “From My Heart” details his struggle with heart disease and recovery following his transplant.

Mr. Choudhrie will appear on The Dr. Oz Show on December 21 to discuss his new book and the importance of organ donation.

To learn more about the HealthCorps organ donation initiative please visit, https://www.healthcorps.org/organdonor

The Dr. Oz Show air times may vary, please check your local listings to find out where and when the show airs in your city.



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HealthCorps is a national non-profit organization that gives teens tools to improve physical and mental health so they can learn to live more productive and happier lives. HealthCorps students exercise more, eat better and practice positive thought. The program will impact almost 1 million students across 19 states in 2016.

The HealthCorps curriculum has been refined and developed in its in-school Living Labs program since 2003, where a full-time Coordinator is placed inside a high-need high school for two years to mentor hundreds of students, teach health related workshops, and promote a variety of during and after school activities. Coordinators are recent college graduates who go on to careers in medicine, public health policy or wellness practices.

HealthCorps University is an intense professional development program that certifies participants to bring HealthCorps’ innovative health and wellness curriculum to their organization whether it’s a school system, community organization or corporation. In 2015, HealthCorps teamed with CK-12 to distribute free, interactive and customizable versions of the HealthCorps curriculum for educators and students to use. For more information, please visit www.HealthCorps.org

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