HealthCorps Joins Joel Olsteen and Lakewood Church Total Life Challenge Kickoff

Posted 02/19/2015 | By HealthCorps

On Sunday January 4th, HealthCorps joined approximately 300 congregants of Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas to kick off the “Total Life Challenge,” where congregants received tools to be their best in spirit, mind, and body. This 8-week challenge includes a Daniel fast, as well as classes and boot camp, lasting eight weeks, helping participants reach their health and fitness goals.

HealthCorps President Michelle Bouchard, HCU Manager Gino Collura, and Sharpstown HC Coordinator Max Blumenthal all participated in the inspiring and successful launch of this lifestyle challenge.  Gino Collura shared, “We did a great job at synergizing their goal of making wellness a recipe that requires “body, mind, and spirit” as our pillars of nutrition, exercise, and resilience, blend well with their vision.” HealthCorps provided healthy tips, swag, and resources for attendees. 

Lakewood Church is partnering with HealthCorps to provide familes with practical tips and tools. You can read more about the TLC program and even join the challenge.

HealthCorps University (HCU) Presents at Lakewood Church Total Life Challenge

On January 25th Michelle Bouchard, President of HealthCorps, joined coordinator Max Blumenthal and four of his students to present health and lifestyle activities that could be replicated in homes and in the community, at the Lakewood Church TLC event. The Total Life Challenge was just wrapping up week one (of an eight-week commitment), so the HCU workshop was a well-timed event. The goal of the workshop was to offer fitness, nutrition and mental resiliency lessons and experiences that would be accessible, affordable, and of course, loads of fun!

The day was beautiful, after several days of inclement weather, and by the time the workshop started, about 150 people had already gathered. Michelle Bouchard opened the workshop with a short introduction and shared compelling personal testimonials. Max then presented the “Snacks in a Snap” cooking demonstration, supported by his students. Cooking club leaders from Sharpstown High School helped prepare over 200 snack samples ahead of time for the workshop, so there were plenty of yummy good-for-you snacks for the attendees to enjoy, while they watched the cooking demonstration. The snacks were a big hit, and Max provided the attendees with tips on how to involve their kids in the cooking and preparation process. He also highlighted the tasty, health benefits of the Banana Crunch and Stuffed Cherry Tomato recipes. It was obvious that his helper students were incredibly proud of their efforts, clearly enjoying the moment as every last treat disappeared!!

Max also helped participants to try an activity called Target Your Heart. Audience members followed along as Max, now wearing the hat of fitness coach, explained how to take a resting heart rate. He then led the participants in a quick physical activity session. Everyone then measured their post-exercise elevated pulse rate, and learned what these two numbers can tell you about heart health. Michelle, Max, and his students then highlighted some of the HealthCorps curriculum, and how the program impacts students’ lives locally in Houston and nationwide.

Max shared, “The workshop was a huge success, and audience enthusiasm was palpable.  You could also see how proud the students were, seeing how much the audience enjoyed the snacks and tips.”

Not surprisingly, Max is one of our coordinator superstars and he was January’s Coordinator of the Month


-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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