Healthcorps’ Houston Schools Draw Over 14,000 attendees

Posted 06/21/2013 | By HealthCorps

Headed by coordinators Jornae Rideauz and Marlene Watts, the Highway to Health Festival at Sharpstown & Lamar High Schools in Houston was a spot on success with over 14,000 attendees.  Parents, students and the coordinator’s families all pitched in to help with the H2H Festival, which was held on April 14, 2013.

HealthCorps hosted the main stage and performances included: Yoga Demo by Laura Calcaterra, owner of BIG Yoga; Self-Defense Demo by Jeanna Cournoyer, owner of Fight Back Fit. Some other highlights at the event included: Lamar students on the main stage creating a spontaneous painting based on the phrases “Shaping a New Generation” and “The Fruit of Life.” Sharpstown High School and Lamar High School Teen Battle Chef (TBC) students showcased a cooking demo, with Sharpstown students preparing TBC’s “snack in a snap” recipe, Tangy Coleslaw, and Lamar students preparing Asian Style Lettuce Wraps.

Other fun activities for attendees included: finger painting, fitness for prizes, hacky sack design, and “My Plate” corn-hole toss, along with recipe card hand outs and the opportunity to prepare and sample yummy treats like Black Bean Corn Salsa and Ricotta Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes.  For those eager to get fit, there were self-defense drills, hula hoop and jump rope challenges.

Coordinator Marlene Watts from Lamar High School summed up the experience – “The event was a huge success, and many participants were interested in learning about how they could get HealthCorps’ student volunteers involved in their upcoming projects, or the HealthCorps’ curriculum at their school. The HealthCorps’ students from our two schools represented the program tremendously well, and they were clearly grateful to have this Highway to Health event opportunity.”

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