HealthCorps’ Garinger High School Wins Whole Foods Grant

Posted 06/27/2013 | By HealthCorps

K’Shelle Waller, a Coordinator at Garinger High School in North Carolina, secured a $2000 grant from Whole Foods Whole Kids Foundation that supports school gardens.  This kind of a project allows kids to understand where some of the foods they eat come from, and provides an opportunity to learn about nutrition, with a hands on approach to “growing the foods we eat.”

A unique aspect to this particular school garden is the added element of two aquaponic fish tanks.  These unique environments produce certain types of lettuce, thanks to the special by-products from the fish that help to fertilize growing crops in the school garden.  100 Gardens, a Charlotte, North Carolina based program, provided support in developing the garden model at the school this year.

The grant will help to fund these two fish tanks as well as shovels, wheel barrels, and a tiller.  The students will have some unique lessons in nutrition, gardening and responsibility, through this garden project.

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