HealthCorps’ first week at Camp Pennbrook!

Posted 07/07/2014 | By HealthCorps

This summer, HealthCorps coordinator Clare Parks is blogging about her experience at Camp Pennbrook.
This week marks the first week for HealthCorps at Camp Pennbrook in 2014! Most of this week was spent answering the question, “Who are you and what are you doing at my camp?” but once I got the girls in the classroom, we were able to start a meaningful conversation about the importance of health in all aspects of our lives.

This week’s lesson introduced our mission at HealthCorps to the campers, and defined overall wellness. Wellness includes achieiving our potential in 6 dimensions: emotional health, intellectual health, social health, spiritual health, environmental health, and physical health. We determined that this 6-piece wheel of wellness needs balance: if one dimension is compromised, then it’s harder to reach our potential in any other dimension! The campers were highly engaged and shocked to learn how closely related all dimensions of wellness are. Many were surprised to learn that there’s more to health than just eating right and exercising!

16 year old Daphny (Kyra's big sister!) demonstrates how she expands her mind to stay intellectually healthy.

16 year old Daphny (Kyra’s big sister!) demonstrates how she expands her mind to stay intellectually healthy.

It wasn’t long before the girls started to see how dependent each dimension of wellness is on one another. Every age group, from 8 to 25, had a very open discussion exploring what happens when one dimension of health is compromised. We decided that when we’re not taking care of ourselves physically by eating right and exercising regularly, we’re less likely to be our best selves in all other dimensions. On the other hand, when we’re feeding our body the nutrients it craves, and regularly getting our sweat on, we can truly thrive! We’re more likely to work to expand our minds when we’re filled with the proper nutrition, we’re eager to make friends when we feel confident in our bodies, we’re better able to manage our emotions when we’re filled with endorphins from exercise, we understand how important it is to get outside away from a computer screen and take care of our environment, and we know how valuable and meaningful our lives are when we’re taking care of ourselves!

11 year old Kyra puts on her best pose for physical health--check out those muscles!

11 year old Kyra puts on her best pose for physical health–check out those muscles!

So many campers expressed how relevant this message felt to them. We now know that it’s crucial to treat our bodies with respect if we want to blossom into our fullest potential. I am so impressed with the excitement and enthusiasm that many of the campers have already expressed about bringing this message home with them.

We’re very excited for the next few weeks together, when we’ll be discussing how to make weekly workout plans at home, and how to identify our strengths. We can’t wait to continue learning about all aspects of our overall health and wellness, thanks to the HealthCorps message! Let’s thrive, ladies!

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