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Posted 02/21/2013 | By HealthCorps

As of February 2013, HealthCorps has expanded into 66 schools in 14 states and the District of Columbia, impacting over 100,000 high schools students and an additional 145,000 family members, teachers, neighbors and friends.  Our continued success would not be possible without generous community partners, like 4POINT4.  4.4 Million Days is collaborating with our HealthCorps’ team to create curriculum to teach kids about History, Geography, and Global Cultural Studies, using sports and wellness tools.

4.4 Million has contributed different supplies including:

  • 660 yoga mats
  • 66 world maps
  • 660 volleyballs
  • 660 basketballs
  • 660 soccer balls
  • $1000 worth of 4.4 merchandise to give as prizes for a Lesson Writing Challenge

The impact of some of these donated items on students has been dramatic.  Here are quotes and testimonials from HealthCorps coordinators:

“This year is the first year for soccer at our high school. Those soccer balls will be the only soccer balls our program uses for practice. This donation is huge! I am helping coach soccer and having these will save us so much money, allowing for us to invest in other areas of the program.  All the volleyballs are being donated to the PE department to start a new volleyball unit in the spring.”

– Ryan Fightmaster, Coordinator, ASTEC High School, Oklahoma City, OK

“I would like to give a big thank you for the equipment. It provided my classes with  much needed equipment and now my students have been able to experience physical education units that they did not previously have because of a lack of equipment. With that alone, I am grateful for the equipment because students (that are normally stationary listening to lectures) are now getting physical and burning calories. Thanks!”

– Tramayne Richardson

“I couldn’t be happier with how much 4POINT4 has done for our school. For a school with little to work with, 4POINT4 has been a huge blessing. Students are excited to use the materials and have motivated students and I to put together school recreational sports leagues!  I covered an entire wall with my map and it has been a great conversation starter and really grabbed people’s interest and appreciation for where physical activity comes from and how it has evolved. Furthermore, our basketball program has been so thankful, and they are inspired to play thanks to something as simple as a new basketball. Thank you!”

– Tyler Mar, Coordinator, American Legion High, Sacramento, CA

“My principal walked in during this lesson and saw my students all bouncing around, out of their seats, and trying out exercise moves.”  I had the opportunity to talk to her later and she said, ‘I love seeing students out of their seats like that as long as they are working. I can’t believe that many students were up and exercising during a non-PE class.’

– Alli Reid, HealthCorps Coordinator, Hialeah Senior High School, Miami, FL

“I’m the coordinator at Cathedral City High School in California (Palm Springs area). When I did a demo with the basketballs in my classroom, I showed they could be used as an at-home medicine ball (weighted ball for exercises).  I plan on having a 4.4 booth at my Health Fair in early February.  Recently, I also gave a few of the basketballs as a donation to the Men’s Basketball team here at my high school.”

-Evelyn Rodriguez, HealthCorps Coordinator, Cathedral City H.S., Cathedral City, CA

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