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Posted 06/08/2012 | By HealthCorps

Over use or regular use of antibiotic creams and gels could increase your risk of developing MRSA, a dangerous sometimes life-threatening resistant skin infection. Despite these products being over-the-counter, they are not innocuous. Do not use them irreverantly.

Several types of HPV are associated with an increased risk of cervical cancer, but did you know that HPV may raise the risk of a woman having a stroke or heart attack. HPV vaccines, which can protect against the strains implicated in cancer risk, have not been shown yet to impact cardiac risk.

Children exposed to chemicals called PFCs may have a lowered response to tetanus and diphtheria vaccines. This can mean inadequate protection from these vaccines. Some studies have confirmed that 5 year olds do not appear to have adequate levels of antibodies conferred by these vaccines, and so research is looking at exposure to PFCs from cookware, stain resistant coatings, fast food packaging and even paper bags.

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