Health Fair Fosters Student Leaders

Posted 08/15/2016 | By HealthCorps

Anderson New Technology High School- Anderson, CA

Funder: The California Endowment

“Lean & Green” is a student run community health fair with over fifty Anderson New Technology High School students participating as organizers. HealthCorps students essentially run this enormous community health fair, and this year it was praised as one of the best they’ve had!

Coordinator Natalie Sandoval, “We had 10 student-run booths, consisting of a 5 minute presentation and activity around their topic of choice. Students presented their material about 35 times in total, impacting over 650 pre-k to 7th grade visitors! Student “walking leaders” escorted the classroom groups from booth to booth, engaging and entertaining them in between.”

Natalie facilitated student leadership and booth creation, obtained a sponsorship from Dignity Health, a donated lunch from Chipotle, and coordinated with City of Anderson Parks and Recreation to ensure the students had a platform to shine.

Student Jacqueline Ordona had this to say, “As a leadership student, I took on the task of managing 3 advisories. I volunteered to present the “Think Before You Drink” booth because I remember Ms. Sandoval giving the same presentation during my freshman year and it completely changed my conscience on what I put in my body. It’s important that this [health fair] continues so that others can be aware of how to reassure we are the best versions of ourselves.”

Student Brandie Lien and his fellow classmates created a booth specifically dedicated to educating the audience about the health benefits of yoga and meditation. He decided to participate not only because he loves volunteering but also because he loves being healthy and could not pass up the chance to work outside.

“I really enjoyed this event and definitely plan on participating next year. Not only do different ages get to interact together, but also allows the youth to get educated on ways to find outlets for stress in a positive manner. As we were demonstrating the yoga poses it was so cool to see them participating and it was almost a competition on who could hold the pose the longest. All I could ask was for only even one student to take our tips and use yoga as their way to channel anger and stress,” said Brandie Lien.

All-in-all this was a very successful event, giving ANTHS students the opportunity to be health advocates in their community, and giving local grade school children the opportunity to learn and be excited about health through the peer-to-peer interaction model!

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