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Posted 03/14/2012 | By HealthCorps

Thanks to a new partnership between HealthCorps and USANA Inc., Radio City Music Hall was the go to location for The Health and Happiness Summit on February 25th. The mission? To teach people how to live their best life, meaning a safer, healthier and happier version. Attendees numbered about 6,000 and they were the recipients of a wealth of health education thanks to a stellar roster of guest speakers including: Dr. Oz, Lisa Oz, Montel Williams, Dr. Christine Northrup, Dr. Michael Breus, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Dr. Rovenia Brock, Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz, CEO of USANA.

At the press luncheon before the event, Montel shared his own health scares and current challenges with reporters, and suggested that as humans, “we have to appreciate the lows in order to celebrate the highs.” Dr. Brock who likes to refer to herself as “Dr. Ro” told me that when she works with obese teens, she tries, “Not to be too hip, because they can see right through that. I do appeal to what interests them, when I try to motivate – maybe they want to lose weight to perform better as an athlete, maybe they want a finer body so they can snare a particular guy or gal for a date…You have to find an inroad to each patient’s issues, and offer compassion with reality.” A one-on-one interview with Dr. Northrup revealed her passion – getting to young women and, “making them realize that what you do in your twenties can hugely impact your health, and especially your fertility health, in your thirties. You do not want to become a thirtiesh woman with fertility issues and PMS.”

Of course, what would a Health Summit be like without a bit of movin and groovin? Stepp Stewart provided ample dance breaks that had Dr. Oz shimmying across the stage and the audience gyrating at their seats!! With video backdrops linking the health themes of the afternoon, Dr. Oz was Captain of the ship, taking us on a mind, body and spirit journey. A special surprise guest was the primo captain who popped in at the end of the event, as a special envoy – William Shatner, of Starship Enterprise fame made a quick stop on the way to his Broadway show.

Some great takeaway tips and messages from the speakers included:

Lisa Oz – We are raising a generation of individuals who will die from lifestyle-related, preventable diseases. Companies are focused on manufacturing ‘foods that we crave’ because of their high salt, sugar and fat ingredients. Find habits you like because you have to like what you do to stick with it. And when you find something (healthy), be like a butterfly and spread it around.

Dr. Michael BreusThe Sleep Doctor – Over 70 million people have a sleep disorder. Bad sleep leads to bad health. Want to get slimmer, smarter and sexier body? Get your optimal dosage of nightly sleep on a regular basis. You can sleep your way to better health. Five quick tips: Stick to one bedtime, even on weekends; no caffeine after 2 pm; stop alcohol consumption 3 hrs before bedtime; exercise no closer than 4 hrs to bedtime; get 15 minutes of sunlight daily.

Dr. Ro – I’m on a mission to get Americans healthier. I lost 3 primary relatives, including my mom, to early deaths, because of their lifestyle choices. Design your plate 50% vegetables and fruit, 25% protein and 25% whole grains. Remember that fiber and water are your weight loss friends.

Dr. Perricone – We are all living with a smoldering fire called inflammation and it causes damage to organs, including our skin. So we need to put the fire out. Want a 3 day natural facelift? Kick out all sugars and processed starches and eat oily fish like salmon, watercress salads, blueberries (and other berries), olive oil, lemon juice and drink lots of water. Your skin mirrors your diet, and a diet like this will boost mood too. Small doses of very dark chocolate can also support skin health (and heart health).

Montel Williams – I faced serious health issues and after interacting with the medical community realized that I alone determine my (health and well being) destiny. I work at being happy. Every night I ask myself, what three things did I do today, that are worth talking about tomorrow? I say those three things aloud in the am and it starts my new day with success.

Dr. C Northrup – You need to own your power to get healthy and to be healthy. If you hold thoughts long enough, they will become beliefs. Get second opinions when you are diagnosed with a serious illness, and listen to your gut. (She shared a patient’s realization) When a woman loses weight and then abandons her healthy lifestyle commitment, she is basically saying that overweight is overlooked, and that’s what I am choosing. Your brain thinks it’s running the show, but the truth is your heart wins in the end.

Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz – A solution to pollution is dilution, so open the windows of your home and let fresh air in. Cells are the basis of life. To maintain healthy cells, avoid toxins and give your cells nutrients. Make good choices, wear gloves in the home when cleaning, drinks lots of water, lose the worry, eat a bounty of colors daily, think how your parents lived (more simply) and embrace those lifestyle habits, learn to question, and take the time to breath.

Dr. Oz – Look for meaningful change. See the evil, meaning those habits you engage that promote disease. Risk factors you should modify: lower high blood pressure, stop smoking, exercise daily, embrace an easy, healthy diet and get control of your stress. Smart dieting is a marathon – we all make mistakes, so just get back on track. Focus on your waist size and make sure it’s healthy. Fill up before a meal with a small handful of nuts. Focus on fiber. As Oprah taught me, we change when we care, not just when we hear information.

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