5 Tech Gadgets for a Health Lifestyle

Posted 08/08/2018 | By HealthCorps

By Amanda Peterson from Enlightened Digital

Adopting new habits is no simple task, especially when it comes to changes in our lifestyle. The older we become, the more important it is to make healthy lifestyle choices. However, when juggling work, friends, family and other activities, establishing healthy habits can be difficult. Living a healthy and active lifestyle, amidst all the chaos of our everyday routines, can take a lot of extra work. Luckily, with all the technology gadgets currently on the market, developing a balanced routine is simple, and can even be enjoyable. Tech gadgets are a great way to manage your healthy habits and are available for all different aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, fitness, and mental health.

Here are five technology gadgets that will help you develop healthy lifestyle habits in no time.


The SmartPlate TopView, noted as the “world’s first Intelligent Nutrition Program,” is an excellent tool for measuring nutrition and dietary goals. Studies have shown that even health conscious eaters struggle with estimating portion sizes; people often underestimate their total food intake by an average 30%. The SmartPlate, which connects to a mobile application, is powered by artificial intelligence and can identify, analyze, and track everything you eat in seconds. The SmartPlate weighs and analyzes food to output calorie counts and other nutritional information, which encourages its users to track their everyday eating habits. You can set custom health goals, or use one of the doctor-approved dietary programs. Health programs created by SmartPlate can adjust meals for weight management, endurance, or even blood glucose level to adapt to different lifestyles. For those looking to improve healthy eating habits, the SmartPlate is an accurate and convenient way to track daily nutrition.

Sleep Cycle Mobile App

When managing a busy schedule, a good night’s sleep becomes incredibly valuable. In order to take on the day, the average adult requires approximately seven to nine hours of sleep, however twenty percent of Americans reported that “they did not wake up feeling refreshed on any of the past seven days.” The Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns, and wakes you up during your lightest sleep state. Waking up in a light sleep state feels like waking up naturally rested, without an alarm clock. Traditional alarm clocks can disrupt a sleep cycle and wake you up during a state of deep sleep, which can leave you feeling tired and groggy. The mobile app is completely free, but to access Sleep Cycle’s full realm of features, like long-term sleep tracking graphs and charts, it’s a simple thirty dollar annual subscription fee. Going to sleep at a reasonable hour and waking up at the lightest stage of sleep ensures that you’re ready to take on the day feeling well rested.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

Our total health is greatly impacted by our surrounding environment. Factors in our home, like humidity, air quality, noise, and temperature, often go undetected, but can play a major factor on health and well-being. The Healthy Home Coach by Netatmo is comprised of four precise sensors to measure these qualities in your home. In fact, the EPA has found that the level of indoor air pollution can be anywhere from 2 to 5 times more polluted than the worst outside air. Your personal comfort, health, sleep, and productivity are all affected by your indoor environment, so it is beneficial to measure these environmental health factors. Changes in air quality can have a direct impact on health conditions including headaches, fatigue, coughing, allergies, and asthma. Using a Healthy Home Coach can provide key data and inform you on which parameters to adjust; it can even send reports directly to your smartphone. Using the app, your home’s indoor climate data can be accessed from anywhere.

Garmin Vivosport Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers and wearable fitness devices have been all the rage recently, but the Garmin Vivosport Fitness Tracker is one of the best on the market. Fitness trackers are a great way to encourage an active lifestyle and monitor your daily fitness activities. Rather than feeling like a chore, a fitness tracker allows your fitness routine to feel more like a game or fun activity. This model offers features including GPS, heart rate monitoring, VO2 fitness testing, stress monitoring, stairs climbed, steps taken, and sleep tracking. The Vivosport has built-in sports modes for running, cycling, cardio training, and strength training, so it can be adapted to all different types of fitness regimens. Many have found the Vivosport to have an impressive battery range, attesting that it can go days without needing to be charged.  Aside from health benefits, it can also be connected to your smartphone to notify you of any reminders, calls, text messages, or social media notifications you receive. Fitness trackers are a great way to maintain your fitness routine and follow your progress.

Calm Mobile App

One of the most looked-over aspects of our health and well-being is mental health. Especially when juggling a hectic schedule, many begin to feel the effects of stress and anxiety. It’s important to set aside some time each day to relax and put your mind at ease. Calm, a mindfulness and wellness app, offers over one hundred daily meditation lessons covering anxiety, focus, stress, sleep, relationships and more. The most popular feature on Calm is a ten-minute meditation called “The Daily Calm,” that explores a new mindful theme and inspiring concept each day. Calm is free to download, but a premium subscription unlocks access to over one hundred hours of content, including  advanced meditations, soothing Sleep Stories, calming nature scenes, a breathing tool, and Calm Masterclasses. Not only has meditation been shown to minimize overall stress and anxiety, but it has also provided relief for chronic disease. In one study, meditation was shown to reduce symptoms of IBS by 26.4 percent.

Technology is a great way to improve your healthy practices. Do a bit of online research to find a gadget that’s perfect for your lifestyle!

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