Have a Healthy Halloween!

Posted 10/31/2012 | By HealthCorps

This holiday can be a frustrating time for parents.  How do you balance nutrition on a day filled with candy opportunities?  You set limits.  Allow your child to amass their candy haul for the night and let them enjoy a few selections.  You can then store the candy and dispense it, along with a piece of fruit or some yogurt or accompanied by a cup of milk with the same frequency as any special treat.  For some parents that may be an allowance of two or three small candies once a day, while for others it may be a treat a couple of times a week.

You might also consider bartering with your kids meaning they exchange the candy bag, minus a few treats they get to enjoy, for a small toy, video game, weekend movie or special book.   If you are having a home Halloween party, use dipped bananas, apples, strawberries or other fruits and let kids decorate these dark chocolate dipped treats.  Or have ingredients handy so the kids can make healthy parfaits (use whole grain cereal, dark chocolate chips, frozen yogurt, raisins and berries).  Personalizing individual pizzas is another great way to celebrate Halloween and for dessert offer mini cupcake treats. Let them bob for apples and then make sandwiches using rice cakes or whole grain waffle slices, peanut butter, apple slices and melted marshmallows.

And for a wonderful Halloween recipe try Green Monster Dip, made from soybeans and walnuts and cut up vegetables.  Find the recipe at http://www.walnuts.org/all-recipes/green-monster-dip/

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