Halloween Tips and Treats

Posted 10/28/2014 | By HealthCorps

As much as parents try to downplay the “treats” part of Halloween, kids want their candy. So here are some ideas and links to creative, tasty treats that use fruits, vegetables, low fat cheese and other healthier ingredients.

Some ideas:

  • Use apple slices to make “sandwiches” with tiny marshmallows and almond slivers between two slices, as “teeth.”
  • Cut the top off of orange peppers, clean out the inside, cut our triangles for eyes and create a jagged mouth, and fill with salad greens.
  • Take bananas, slide a Popsicle stick into one end, dip them in thick Greek yogurt, and use two chocolate chips for “ghost eyes.” Freeze until ready to eat.
  • Create a fruit pumpkin by randomly filling a platter with orange sections, as the pumpkin base layer, and then create eyes with small clusters of grapes, a nose with a cluster of blueberries and a mouth with a line of strawberries or raspberries. Three green beans at the top center are the “stalk” of the pumpkin.
  • A second version of the pumpkin platter is made with baby carrots as the base, baked chips topped with hummus as the two eyes, a triangle baked tortilla topped with tiny pieces of red pepper for the nose, and zucchini half slices arranged as a mouth. Have extra baked crackers topped with hummus on a separate platter.
  • Wedges of low fat cheese on an orange-colored platter can have a small flag banner with the words “large vampire teeth” to get in the spirit!!
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