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Location: Oxnard, CA


Support delivery of HealthCorps programming to all high school sites in a local High School District utilizing the HealthCorps Regional Coordinator model;

•  HealthCorps Mentors will volunteer a minimum of 10 hours weekly for 1-2 semesters. Working directly to a local low-resourced high school district, interns will deliver HealthCorps’ innovative and tested programming. As determined by school needs, programming activities may include:

•  Teaching health and wellness lessons in the classroom.

•  Supporting student leaders to host lunchtime demonstrations.

•  Collaborating with school staff to host after-school clubs and/or other activities such as a health fair.

•  Supporting school staff through programming such as wellness challenges.

•  Assist the Regional Coordinator to deliver assigned wellness campaign activities within and across high schools in the district.

•  Assist with donation requests in the local community.

•  Support Regional Coordinator to enhance programming by engaging with partners such as other school-based organizations, school district services and local coalitions.

•  Create surveys and support data collection to for program evaluation.

•  Attend regularly scheduled Zoom conference calls with the National Cohort of HealthCorps Interns and with your local site supervisor, the Regional Coordinator serving your local school district.

•  Record activities conducted in Productivity Worksheet supplied by the Regional Coordinator and send tracking on a weekly basis for proper monitoring and evaluation.

 II. WORK SCHEDULE – As a HealthCorps Intern, you are expected to:

Assist the Regional Coordinator at the district in which they serve, at least 10 hours per week. All hours of work will need to be documented utilizing the Productivity Worksheet, to be sent to your site lead at the end of each week.


This is an unpaid internship. However, depending on University guidelines, you may be eligible for college credit.

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