Got chocolate milk…..for your recovery, post exercise!

Posted 07/18/2014 | By HealthCorps

New research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual conference suggests that chocolate milk is an excellent post workout recovery drink, helping to replenish a swimmer’s recovery after a vigorous swim. In fact, the researchers believe this beverage offered swimmer’s an edge, when compared to consumption of a typical sports drink or a calorie-free beverage, after a workout.

In a sport where seconds make a difference, Indiana University researchers found that collegiate swimmers who drank chocolate milk after an exhaustive swim, had faster swim times later the same day, compared to another day’s workouts where they used a traditional carbohydrate drink, or calorie-free drink. The researchers classified chocolate milk as a “real food with the right carbohydrate to protein ratio that athletes need.” It’s also an affordable drink.

Experts feel that chocolate milk is a good overall recovery drink after any workout that lasts for an hour or more and that is rated as “vigorous.” Rather than spend money on sugary recovery drinks, consider trying a serving of low fat chocolate milk.

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