Go for the Goal

Posted 08/24/2012 | By HealthCorps

What are the two most important points on a map? Where you are and where you want to go. Have you ever heard of the movie The Bucket List? What are four things you HAVE TO accomplish in your lifetime? Remember we only get one shot. Make it count. Everything we do entails a “rhyme and reason” and also a series of steps we follow towards achieving success in life.

We need to identify a starting point and specific dreams if we want to accomplish our special goals. We all have dreams and can achieve them if we take charge and don’t act passively in our own life. Only YOU can get where you want to go.

Goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.:
Specific — be clear about what you want to achieve
Measurable — know if the goal is obtainable and how long completing may take
Attainable — you can easily accomplish it
Realistic — this is something within your reach
Timely — when are you going to achieve the goal? Be clear about date and timeline

(video by Awakened Films)

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