Go for Iron

Posted 12/18/2012 | By HealthCorps

….As in cast iron pans for cooking.  An iron surface heats evenly, and the pan will last for a lifetime, if cared for properly.  This type of surface is both non-toxic and nonstick.  When you fist get the pan, rinse it and then coat the surface liberally with vegetable oil.  Rub the oil in gently with a paper towel and then bake the empty pan in the oven at 375 degrees for about 90 minutes.  Remove and allow the pan to cool before storing it in a dry, cool storage area.  You can re-treat the pan periodically with the light oil rub.

Never wash the treated iron pan with soap.  Just rinse it well and pat dry.  You’ll know it’s time to re-treat, when eggs or other food items begin to stick.  You can loosen any remaining food by rubbing the surface with coarse salt before rinsing.

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