Get Off Your Booty and Move

Posted 03/20/2015 | By HealthCorps

Being sedentary is associated with a number of acute and chronic health risks. It can be big challenge to work out in the winter, a time when most of us typically feel sluggish and thwarted by cold, unforgiving temperatures. If you work all day in an office environment, then fitting in fitness can be a near impossible task UNLESS you get creative:

  • Don’t send co-workers emails – get up and walk to their desk to deliver the message.
  • Ask your employer to set up a “stand desk” workstation where you can move you laptop and work for awhile
  • Stand up and pace when you talk on the phone
  • See if your company will invest in a bike or treadmill desk station where you and co-workers can take turns daily
  • Drink fluids throughout the day which will send you walking to the restroom
  • Stand once an hour and do stretching movements
  • Walk the stairs between floors a few times daily
  • Offer to be the person who goes out to do office errands or to pick up everyone’s lunch order
  • Find a local gym and workout during your lunch hour. Many gyms offer a 30-minute class so you can squeeze in a workout and still have time to dress and eat.

-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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