Fun Things Happening at ASTEC High

Posted 10/30/2014 | By HealthCorps

The staff at ASTEC Charter Schools in Oklahoma City showed off their creative side while they created songs, posters, and skits about living a HealthCorps lifestyle. At a back-to- school Professional Development session, staff broke into groups and did an amazing job showing what HealthCorps means to them. This song set to the tune of Gilligan’s Island Theme Song was a huge hit:

Now sit right back and you’ll hear, a tale of a healthy trip.

That started with health and Oz aboard this ASTEC ship.

Deskin was mighty in her plan, a leader brave and sure.

All scholars set sail that day for a healthy 2 year tour.

The sun began to shin on us and changes were a foot.

There were good choices and eating right, and exercise (everywhere).

If not for this, HealthCorps way, ASTEC would be lost.

It’s clear that the staff at ASTEC is geared up for another fun and healthy year!

Megan Ling
HealthCorps Coordinator
ASTEC High School

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