Fun Food Facts and Tips

Posted 05/15/2013 | By HealthCorps

The average American throws away 396 pounds of food every year (Source: Reuters).

One way to cut down on throwing out fruits and vegetables is to use bruised ones in smoothies or soups.  Take leftover grilled chicken and immediately make chicken salad with fat free yogurt instead of full fat mayonnaise.  Take leftover cooked pasta and mix with leftover cooked vegetables for a side dish.  Use what’s left of fruit salad to mix into muffin batter for a healthier homemade muffin.

Cast iron pans are perfect for healthy cooking and can add some iron to your diet, whenever you cook.  Before using the first time, spread a thin layer of vegetable oil on the surface and bake (empty) at 375 degrees for about an hour.  Cool before using.   Make sure to wipe the surface periodically with cooking oil and never scrub when washing.  If it’s well conditioned with oil you should be able to just rinse and wipe clean after use.

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