Corbin Middle Schoolers Stay Hydrated!

Posted 03/05/2019 | By HealthCorps

By Lisa Woodlee | HealthCorps Coordinator 2017 – 2019

800 water bottles later, all of our students at Corbin Middle School have the opportunity to stay hydrated throughout the day! Providing water bottles for each student was one of our Wellness Council’s goals last spring and it is encouraging to see this goal come to fruition.  Thanks to one of my funders, Berea Partners for Education and Knox Promise Neighborhood, our goal became a reality! On any given day, you can see students filling up their water bottles and taking advantage of access to purified water.

Promise Neighborhood and the art department teamed up to design the water bottles.  In the Fall they held a water bottle design contest and the Administration chose the winners. The winning design was placed on the water bottles.

Last Spring, our Wellness Council at Corbin Middle School (CMS) started take shape. I knew, as a coordinator, that I needed others in the school that had a passion for health and wellness to team together to create change in our school.  Our meetings have a variety of our school culture represented including teachers, school nurse, nutrition services, students, parents, community partners, and administration.  To try to create change, we set a few goals to work towards in the coming months. Some of the goals we have set include:

  • Changing our school vending machine to include healthier, SMART snack options.
  • Providing a Teacher Professional Development training on Brain Breaks and how to incorporate movement in the classroom.
  • Changes in scheduling to include physical education for every student.
  • Student made videos on how to make a healthy snacks/dinner shown to students during homeroom.
  • Water bottles for each student to utilize the new water bottle filling stations.

Jennifer Gordon, a member of the CMS Wellness Council said, “The CMS Wellness Council is important because a child must be healthy in order to be ready to learn.” We are trying to help make our school a healthier place to learn and grow for students and teachers alike.

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