Smarter Lunchroom Movement – Jacqueline Lopez

Posted 12/11/2017 | By HealthCorps

Smarter Lunchroom

When Jacqueline started at Upland High School, immediate conversation began about the Smarter Lunchroom Movement. Upland High School had been implementing the Smarter Lunchroom Movement strategies over the past year. Jacqueline hoped to continue in assisting with implementation. HealthCorps, with partnership of two interns from Child Nutrition Services, led a two week long tray waste study at Upland High School. Eight classes, two in each grade level, were randomly selected to participate in the tray waste study. A total of 114 trays were collected. Data collection showed at most entrees provided by the cafeteria had no more than one full wasted meal except the sandwich and chip combo. John, custodian at Upland High School, hypothesized that the sandwich combo would produce the most waste and data analysis supported his statement. A significant finding was the choice between chocolate verses white milk. The Smarter Lunchroom Movement is designed to nudge students to make the healthier choice, such as white milk. Out of 74 students who choose milk with their meal, 52 students chose chocolate milk. Of the 22 students who choose white milk, 12 cartons were more than half wasted. The data collection provided a framework for HealthCorps to tailor impementation for next semester.

“The plate waste was a good experience for my self with data collection. I believe it would open the schools eyes and show that they should change certain options or figure out a better way for students to enjoy their food so we wouldn’t have a lot of food going to waste” -Senior Student, Sammy Martinez

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