SMART Goals – Kassandra Johnston

Posted 12/11/2017 | By HealthCorps

Coordinator: Kassandra Johnston

Location: Chickasha High School, Chickasha, Oklahoma

Student: Jared Noblitt

Every Wednesday at 2nd Period the HealthCorps Coordinator Ms. Kassandra Johnston guest lectures in Ms. Reding’s Drama II class at Chickasha High School, Chickasha, OK.  Ms. Johnston has been teaching in their class since late August.

On a cold winter’s day, Ms. Johnston chose to interview one of her star students, Jared Noblitt to talk about his experience with the HealthCorps curriculum.  Jared is a junior and is one of the bright leaders on campus.  He is involved in the Future Farmers of America (F.F.A.) and the Drama club. He plans on attending college with a focus on Business Administration.

KJ: “What SMART goal are you focusing on and how has it impacted your health?”

JN: “My SMART goal was to increase breakfast consumption because I was hardly ever eating breakfast and because I wanted to gain muscle and weight. Now that I have been eating breakfast, I have become way more “swole” (i.e. gain muscle)”

KJ: “How have you been keeping motivated with maintaining your goal?”

JN: “I really like that you [Ms. Kassandra Johnston] made all of the students pair up and that has helped me stick with my goal. Every week we check-in with our partner about our SMART goal. I was paired up with someone that I didn’t know before. So not only am I keeping my goal, but I also made a new friend from the activity.”

KJ: “What is the most shocking knowledge that you have learned from the HealthCorps curriculum?”

JN: “The craziest thing we learned was portion sizes. I remember when we did the serving size activity and I had to look at the nutrition label to figure out how much one serving was. I was surprised to find out that the cereal serving sizes are so small! This activity has made me look at other nutrition labels at home and school.”



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