HealthCorps Club at San Gorgonio High School

Posted 11/02/2017 | By HealthCorps

By: Cailee Cox

Second Year Coordinator

San Gorgonio High School, San Bernardino, California 

This year I started a HealthCorps Club on my campus at San Gorgonio High School, in San Bernardino, California. We meet during the lunch period every Wednesday. My club members are amazing and I am so grateful for their time and effort. This group of students has blown me away. Each week, they come in ready to plan, create, and grow.  As a club, we decide each month what type of lunch event we would like to host. Our events are skills-based, interactive, and health-informative.  After deciding if we want to focus on nutrition, physical fitness, or metal resilience, we choose a specific demonstration and begin brainstorming.  My students decide everything on their own; the display, location, and materials needed for the demonstration.  They have brilliant ideas and know exactly how to appeal to their peers.

As a Coordinator, I am so pleased to say that all I have to do is supply the materials, give them a safe space and some starter ideas, and they take those ideas and run with them.  They create beautiful work and take pride in what they are doing.  Not only are they able to make decisions and put on wonderful events, they also know how to critique their events in order to make improvements for the next one.

I asked my students why they joined the HealthCorps Club and, not surprisingly, their answers were genuine and heart-warming.  A few were recommended to the club by friends, while others said they enjoy living healthy and want to help their peers do the same.  Others explained they wish to be healthy in order to increase their performance as an athlete.  One student, a particularly passionate member, admitted that in the past, she struggled with an eating disorder.  She is now a happy, healthy individual who wants to encourage others to make healthy choices.

Since joining the HealthCorps Club, my students have made changes in their personal lives because they are inspired to become happier and healthier.  One member shared with me that she previously had a lot of stomach pain, an issue she believes was related to her constant consumption of spicy chips.  After joining the club, she stopped eating those chips and no longer has the stomach issues.  Other members informed me that they have stopped drinking soda, reduced their sugar consumption, and have begun drinking more water.  In addition to all of this, the HealthCorps Club has created a space for these students to grow closer to one another.  I have witnessed the formation of new friendships and the strengthening of previous ones. This club has only been meeting for about 2 months, but they have already made an impact on me, on their school, and on each other.  I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I am excited for the future of HealthCorps at San Gorgonio High School.

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