From the Corps: A New Beginning

Posted 09/11/2017 | By HealthCorps

By Mia Lazarus
First Year Coordinator
Memorial High School, West New York, New Jersey


When I started job search, prior to graduating from the University of Maryland, I knew I wanted work in an organization that was making a difference in the lives of children.  For four years I learned about public health and firmly believed that youth were our future and where the biggest impact could be made. Fast forward a few weeks, and I find HealthCorps.  Never did I think I would find a job so perfectly aligned with the vision I had for my career path.

HealthCorps brings together such committed, and like-minded individuals in a way I have never seen before. 

In my time in San Bernardino, CA for in-person training I experienced something rare.  I spent five days with people who shared my passion, ideals, and hopes for the future, as well as excitement over helping others.  I had this overwhelming feeling of hope at the end of training. I had seen something there that was special. I saw people devoted to a cause, and a fire inside each and every individual that would light up when they stood in front of students to teach them.

 When I accepted this position to work for Healthcorps, knowing that I would not be among colleagues everyday was intimidating.  I worried I would feel alone, and unsure of where to go when something wasn’t working out the way I planned.  I shouldn’t have been so worried; the HealthCorps team is a constant source of reassurance, and a lifeline to grab onto with any question, concern or worry I may have.  Knowing how much this group of people was here for me as a new coordinator put my fears to rest.

As I spend my last week before school starts preparing for my first day, I catch myself looking back on training in California.  I think about all the advice I was given from my team members, and I think about all I have heard so far from those who have started school.

I anticipate a great year, full of challenges, and also rewarding experiences, and know that across the country I have a group of people experiencing similar scenarios and going through the same things.  I know they are making a difference, I know they have my back, and most importantly I know they have their students and communities back, and that each school a coordinator has been placed in, is in the best hands.


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