How HealthCorps Educates Teens

Posted 05/25/2017 | By HealthCorps

Do you know how important spine health is for teens — and for adults? If you’re not quite sure what we’re talking about, you should probably be checking out our revamped HealthCorps Curriculum and, specifically, the section showcasing our very own Dr. Michael Smatt.

If you’ve been following along on our newsletters (if you haven’t, sign up here), you might already know that HealthCorps houses its entire curriculum on a platform called CK-12. Vetted by doctors, this curriculum aims to teach students how to live healthier happier lives by giving them skills in health, nutrition and mental resilience. As of this year, it’s also interactive. Students and teachers scrolling through the online curriculum will find educational videos to supplement and enhance the lessons — lessons like Macronutrients on our Digestive Highway, the Will to Chill, and Taking Care of You. That last one is where spine health comes in.

In Taking Care of You, we teach teens what they need to know about taking care of their own bodies, inside and out. Dig down a little and find the video from our Board of Advisor member and chiropractor in New York, Dr. Michael Smatt. He really delves into taking the pressure off nerves through subluxation and explains to the students the importance of visiting a chiropractor for a checkup! Now, how often do teens get to go into a class and get information from not just your teacher, but a health professional. That’s exactly what happens with HealthCorps’ curriculum online now. Thanks, Dr. Smatt!


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