From the Corps: 2nd Annual Live Up Luau at Upland High School

Posted 07/10/2018 | By HealthCorps

By Coordinator Ivan Silva

“Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive” by the Bee Gees was the song being enthusiastically sung as a method for synchronized chest compressions by students and community members at the American Medical Response booth. This was just one of many awesome activities that took place at the 2nd Annual Live Up Luau put on by HealthCorps and Upland Unified School Districts Nutrition Services.

Although I was relatively new to the coordinator position, it was a rewarding experience planning the event with Ksenia Glenn from Nutrition Services. The Upland Unified School District has taken great ownership over the event which excited me to know the Health Fair will thrive far after HealthCorps leaves to impact other schools.

This year’s Live Up Luau celebrated healthy living with over 25 community organizations, student ran Café O Yea demonstrations, and the grand opening of the campus garden. Around 1,000 students and many community groups took part in the festivities as we celebrated healthy living. HealthCorps Club students lead booths promoting various aspects of health such as sugar awareness in drinks, positive outlooks for good mental health, and how to manage stress.

During the event, the Upland Unified School district was awarded for their commitment to health by the Upland City Council. When asked about the importance of the needs of the whole child, Superintendent Dr. Nancy Kelly explained “That includes the academic, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. We really believe if their minds are not right, nothing academically is going to happen for them.”

There was a special emphasis placed on nutrition, as the grand opening of the garden was celebrated. The many fruits and vegetables produced in the garden was recently approved to be used for school lunches for the upcoming school year.

Gardening student Zaina Ali had this to say about the school garden:

“All the efforts pay off when you bite into something delicious and it’s like wow, I did this!”

The health fair was an amazing turnout and I enjoyed seeing all of students engaged in the health booths and become educated about nutrition, physical activity, and mental health. I cannot wait to plan next year’s health fair and build on the incredible turnout.

Until the 3rd Annual Live Up Luau, Aloha!

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