Frozen Treats

Posted 04/17/2012 | By HealthCorps

I am a big fan of frozen yogurt, but you do have to be a bit of a diet detective and not simply assume that because the label says “yogurt,” it’s also low cal or healthier than a full fat brand of ice cream.

Ciao Bella offers some sorbets that are fruit-based and low calorie and come in single serve cups. Now they have “gone Greek.” Adonia is their new offering – 75 calorie frozen yogurt bars, or pint size containers of this refreshing indulgence in vanilla, key lime, raspberry, wild blueberry, mango, peach and espresso, with 130 fat free calories/serving. You also get 9 grams of protein per serving, so add some fruit and nuts for a light summer lunch.

Look for frozen kefir, frozen almond milk “yogurt” and even Greek-style Fro-Yo. Lifeways offers these treats with 90 – 110 calories/serving.

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