From the Dr. Oz Show – are these medical myths true??

Posted 01/24/2012 | By HealthCorps

Does chicken soup cure the common cold? Chicken soup helps to work with your immune system and literally help it to fight viruses, like the common cold. Its warmth, in terms of temperature helps too.

Go out in the cold with wet hair – you will catch a cold? It’s a myth. (But don’t upset your mom – this is an easy request to listen to!!) What is true in the winter is that germs in the air in the winter travel faster, due to humidity in the air that allows germs to move and “settle” easily; summer, dryer conditions are not as supportive.

If my mucus is “green” or even very dark yellow – it means I have infection? When invaders like germs come into your nasal passages, cells release secretions, and when they accumulate and linger, they indeed begin to turn color – so green is a sign of “uninhibited infection” that the body may not be fighting successfully.

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