Fried Foods and Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Posted 11/12/2014 | By HealthCorps

You know the phrase, you are what you eat. Recently, health experts have also endorsed the science that suggests that what you eat before and during pregnancy can impact your risk of diabetes and the future health of your offspring. A new study revealed that women who eat fried foods on a regular basis are at increased risk of developing gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy).

Gestational diabetes can lead to higher birth weight, which can pose a risk to the baby and mother during delivery, jaundice in the newborn, and other complications. The researchers also warned that fried foods eaten away from home posed an even greater risk, probably because the oils can be used and reused. These oils, containing dangerous by-products, can sit for hours and even days, accumulating AGEs (advanced glycation end products) which are implicated in insulin resistance and diabetes, as well as other health conditions. Home cooks typically use oil to fry foods and then toss the oil.  So home fried meals will typically have less of these AGEs.

-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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