A Fridge Makeover That will Ring in a Healthy New Year

Posted 12/17/2014 | By HealthCorps

We usually feature a recipe or two on Tasty Tuesday. Since it’s close to the New Year, why not pledge to create a healthier fridge so you cook and eat healthier? Call it My New Year’s Fitter Fridge Resolution!

First clean out the fridge and toss expired foods, foods with mold, and foods that don’t “fit’ the health motto.  Any treats, including cheese that you keep, should now go in a less visibly obvious place, like the crisper drawer.

Next, create a healthy array of “eye level” foods so when you open the fridge you are immediately drawn to these choices: washed and cut up vegetable, choices of fruits, Greek yogurt, roasted vegetables, hummus and bean dip, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, baked apples, and baked sweet potato halves.

Have inviting pitchers filled with unsweetened ice tea (add fresh fruit that can sit for a day and flavor the tea), or water with lemon, cucumber slices, or an infuser filled with berries.

Ditch the mayo and heavy dressings and sugar-laden marinades and fill the door of the fridge with mustards, roasted peppers, pickle relish, garlic paste, flavored vinegars, salsas and grated garlic.

Fruit and vegetables drawers should have more ingredients waiting to replace the eye level offerings when they’ve been eaten.

The freezer should be filled with leftover homemade bean chili, homemade stir fry, homemade vegetable soup, grilled boneless chicken, turkey burgers, frozen vegetables and berries, and frozen yogurt pops, and a bit of dark chocolate.

You are now ready to face the New Year with a whole new food attitude!

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-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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