Fitness Trends from Around the World

Posted 09/19/2014 | By HealthCorps

Bossaball in Spain – A trend that’s a decade old and still growing in popularity, it’s a high energy sport that has participants moving around on a large trampoline while playing a game that’s pretty similar to volleyball, with elements of football and Brazilian dance.

Parkour in France – The art of overcoming obstacles as a fitness trend has revolved through the last two decades. It’s still trending strong today, using running, jumping and climbing to improve an exerciser’s strength, coordination, agility, endurance speed and precision.

Crossfit in California – It’s gone nationwide, and is moving abroad, but it started in Santa Cruz, CA.  CrossFit combines high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, plyometrics, power-lifting, and gymnastics.  Think boot camp with a specialized twist.

Spartan Race in Europe, Australia, North America – Having originated in Vermont, it’s an obstacle course that includes fire jumps, barbed wire crawls, and wall climbs, among other fitness challenges.

Poi Dancing in New Zealand – This fitness trend is actually performance art that involves constantly twirling light-weight sticks. It works out your arms and limbs with spinning and throwing motions.

Jungshin in San Francisco – This full body workout combines elements of kickboxing with yoga. Using a wood sword some of the time, participants challenge their arms, shoulders and core.

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