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Posted 01/24/2014 | By HealthCorps

After a really tough and strenuous workout, you might consider a dip in a cool pool, bath or shower.  Immersing yourself in very cool water can reduce the temperature of inflamed muscles, by helping to constrict blood flow, which directly reduces inflammation.  That also means you’ll have less soreness and you’ll recover faster.  If really cool water (temperature of about 50 degrees) doesn’t sound so “hot,” even water cooled to about 70 degrees will help to minimize the inflammation with an exposure of about 10 minutes duration.

One of the newest fitness trends, imported from Italy, is a new treadmill class called dreadmill.  It’s a class that uses non-motorized treadmills, which means you can easily walk or run and then stop, jump off and perform other exercises, before stepping back on for another walk or run interval.  The combination of controlling the treadmill with your own effort, strenuous strength training intervals, and high energy dance music, makes this new trend sure to catch fire.

Traveling during the winter and afraid you will miss workouts?  Make sure your hotel has a gym, or find some easy-to-follow trails for brisk walking or running, in the neighborhood where you’re staying, or carry some exercise bands with you and follow an online video exercise class that uses your body weight and the bands.

This way you can grab in a workout wherever you are staying.  No access to any of these options?  Then just crank up some music and dance, do pushups, jumping jacks or running in place, and burn some calories the old-fashioned way.

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