Fitness Gadgets are all the Rage in 2013!

Posted 02/15/2013 | By HealthCorps

Out of the Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest annual event for high tech companies and their new wares, comes a new wave of products that help you to eat better and inspire you to exercise.

The $99 HAPIfork (featured on Dr Oz) attracted a lot of attention, though it won’t be available for months.  The fork monitors how fast you eat and signals you to slow down by vibrating.  The fork will also track your “fork servings per minute” and how many forkfuls you eat overall in a meal.  You will also be able to upload data from the fork to your computer or smartphone.

The makers of the original FitBit, which is similar to a high tech pedometer and clips to your belt, showcased FitBit flex, a wristband style monitor that tracks activities, goals you reach and sleep patterns.  It costs $99 and will be released this spring.

Also releasing this spring is Misfit Shine, a water-proof activity monitor that tracks steps, distances you swim or cycling distances.  It has a 6 month battery and syncs up when placed on a smartphone screen.  It will cost $79.

Want to inspire your kids to take more steps?  The ibitz Powerkey is a clip-on monitor that teaches kids to care for a virtual pet, play games, and win in-game bonuses when they take a certain number of steps.  At a cost of $34.99 parents can have their own version, ibitz Unity for $49.99.  There’s also a smartphone app that allows parents to track their kid’s progress on the ibitz Powerkey.

Body-Media unveiled the Vue which looks like a large Band-Aid and is worn as a patch on the upper arm.  It’s waterproof and measures calorie burn, activity and sleep patterns for up to a week before needing a charge.

Masimo Corp is launching a “sports and fitness version” of its medical grade pulse oximeter, which measures blood oxygen levels.  The iSpO2 sells for $249 and works with older versions of iPad, iPhone, an iPod (if they have a 30 pin connector).

(Some information sourced from The Wall Street Journal/online/Life and Culture, January 9, 2013)


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