Fitness Fridays Tips

Posted 02/21/2014 | By HealthCorps

What should I drink when I exercise, and when should I drink it?

Hydration, before during and after exercise is crucial to performance and to maintaining the proper fluid balance in your body, especially if you sweat during a particularly vigorous workout.  Just water will do, unless you exercise for more than an hour.  In that case, you can drink a low calorie electrolyte replacement drink so that you restore sodium and potassium, lost during sweating.  Unsweetened iced tea or a beverage lightly flavored with a bit of juice is a good compromise.

Avoid carbonated drinks, since they can create unpleasant gas and result in stomach cramps.  Don’t justify caloric drinks just because you exercised – you probably don’t need the extra calories unless you are trying to gain weight.   Leave caloric beverages to ultra-athletes.  If you prefer not to drink during your workout, make sure you finish an 8 to 16 ounce bottle once you wrap up your fitness routine.

Is coffee a safe beverage to drink before or after a workout?

A new study suggests that moderate daily coffee intake does not cause dehydration, and can provide hydration.  The caffeine in coffee can also boost your metabolism a bit in the morning, a plus for someone trying to lose weight.  Just make sure to also drink water or one of the other calorie free healthy beverages during and after exercise to replace any fluids lost during your fitness routine.

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