Making Fitness a Lifestyle

Posted 07/16/2018 | By HealthCorps

By Coordinator Ivan Silva

For many, physical activity is a “chore” and is done simply because it is the way to stay healthy. Although this may be the ideology for some, there are many ways physical activity can become a fun hobby and something to look forward to. Once I found ways to make fitness fun and engaging, I became consistent and healthier than I ever was before. It is just a matter of finding a system that works for you. Here are some things that allowed me to make fitness a lifestyle.


Let the world be your gym

The gym can be a great place to exercise, but it can also be done outside allowing yourself to embrace see the world around you. I was never a big fan of cardio because I would typically run on a treadmill or other exercise machine of sort. I then realized it was much more enjoyable running outdoors and at different locations. I would often run around the neighborhood, local track fields, and anywhere else that sparked my interest. Hiking also became a great avenue to get my cardio in.

Find a partner

A great way that I became motivated to engage in physical activity consistently was to find an exericise partner. This gave myself a sense of accountability to make sure I was going to exercise each day. Another great benefit of having a partner is the added motivation. When exercising, it is very beneficial to have someone push you to be better. I have personally noticed that I am less inclined to give up on an exercise when I am “too tired” when I have someone pushing me to finish.

Set goals

The best way to self-motivate yourself is to set goals. These goals can include both short and long-term. These goals should be measurable, attainable, and time specific. From my own experience, the goals I set allow me to hold myself accountable, and look forward to exercising. For instance, a goal can be set to lose a certain amount of weight by a realistic deadline. Try this and watch yourself crush those goals!

Embrace the lifestyle

Although being physically active can be challenging at first, but utilizing these steps can take your fitness journey to the next level. Enjoy being the best you possible, and embrace the healthy lifestyle you have chosen to live. As the saying goes you only live once (YOLO), so let’s make it the best life possible!

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