Fun Ways to Move by Ne-Yo

Posted 10/19/2017 | By HealthCorps

Singer, songwriter, producer and dancer Neyo revealed how he keeps healthy and fit.   “You don’t have to be in the gym to stay fit, have fun with it.” The crooner advised.  The judge of the Jennifer Lopez produced televised dance competition ‘World of dance’ talks about his love for dancing.

When you truly enjoy the activity, it does not seem like exercise and that is the key.  The goal is to increase your heart rate and wake up those sleeping muscles while having fun. Here are a few ideas for non-traditional workouts.


Dancing burns calories and the great thing is you can bust a move anywhere.  Put on your favorite song and get moving.

Hula Hoop

To maintain hula hooping for more than 10 minutes is a challenge but your midsection will thank you.  It is not just for kids and to challenge you use a weighted hula-hoop to burn more calories.

Roller Skating/Rollerblading

Dust off those roller-skates and blaze a path.  Roller-skating burns calories, is low impact making it easy on the knees and is a total body workout.  The great thing about skating is it is loads of fun.  Whether indoors or outdoors, remember safety is key. Wear protective gear to prevent injury.


Swimming is one of the most total body workouts.  Almost every muscle in the body is engaged in swimming and the resistance the water creates is better than weight training.

Outdoor bicycle riding

What better way to enjoy the outdoor scenes and fresh air than to have the wind blowing through your hair?  Bicycle riding works the glutes, legs and core while you are taking in breathtaking views.

by Anthea Noel

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