Exercise is One Heck of an Anti-aging Formula

Posted 09/26/2014 | By HealthCorps

A recent study out of McMaster University suggests that people ages 40 and older who worked out moderately or vigorously for about 3 hours a week had skin that appeared ten to forty years younger (that’s right)!! Researchers think that the exercise increases skin-plumping proteins. Just imagine if you start at a younger age…..

Why You Should Yell

If you’ve ever watched women’s professional tennis, then you know that Maria Sharapova and other elite players grunt out loud, sometimes even shrieking as they hit the ball across the court. A study out of the University of Nebraska suggests that grunting may help to engage your core muscles, transferring momentum to your arms and legs. So make a little noise when you work out, especially during challenging exercise like kickboxing, CrossFit and heavy weight training.

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