Exercise is good for you, but too much can…..

Posted 06/13/2014 | By HealthCorps

Exercise does a body good and is especially important for heart health. As with many “good” habits, if you overdo it, you can lose the benefits and even cause some damage to your health. In a recent study, this reality holds true for both healthy individuals, and those with heart disease. There’s a fine line between exercising for health benefits and exercising in a manner that could actually be “bad for your health.”

Researchers found that if a person had stable heart disease and they exercised strenuously every day, the exercisers had a twofold increased risk for a heart event, compared to similar individuals who exercised moderately two to four days a week. Another finding in this research project was that young, healthy individuals who engaged in high-intensity exercise most days of the week, had an increased risk of atrial fibrillation later in life. So again, a positive habit, in this case exercise, can undermine health if you exercise too strenuously, too frequently.

What is the take-away message? Exercising most days of the week is a good habit if you engage in different fitness activities, and if you plan strenuous or vigorous exercise on select days, with less challenging exercise on other days. Even elite athletes use this formula when training.

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