Eating is Believing

Posted 08/21/2012 | By HealthCorps

Have you ever seen a cloud that looks like a majestic dragon? Those connections seemed easy and all around us when we were young. People have been recognizing these seemingly random connections for a long time. Often times there are very real connections between things that at first seem unrelated. We can learn something from paying attention to the food we eat and deciding to look at it a different way.

What do these foods look like?

  • Celery = Bones: Celery is 23% sodium and so are bones. Celery replenishes sodium to the bones when the body uses it.
  • Banana = Penis: Contains lots of Potassium which is a requirement of muscles.
  • Figs = Testicles: They hang in twos. They increase the motility of sperm cells to increase male fertility.
  • Olive = Ovaries: Assist in the health and function of female ovaries.
  • Tomato = Heart: The tomato has 4 chambers when sliced open just like a heart. Contains Lycopene, an antioxidant, which lowers bad cholesterol. It is also red.
  • Kidney Beans = Kidney: Looks just like a kidney! They work to maintain proper kidney function and health. They help maintain blood sugar levels so they are great for diabetics.
  • Carrot = Eyes: Pupil, iris, and radiating lines look just like it. Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A which is critical for eye health.
  • Walnut = Little Brain: Although not to size, walnuts resemble brains. Left and right hemispheres. Upper and lower cerebrums. Wrinkles and folds look like neo-cortex. We know that walnuts are involved in the development of 3 dozen neuro-transmitters.
  • Avocado = Uterus/Cervix: Looks like it. One avocado/week helps shed unwanted birth-weight, balances hormones, and prevents cervical cancers. It takes exactly 9 months for an avocado to grow from blossom to a ripe fruit (how strange?)!
  • Sweet Potato = Pancreas: Help balance the glycemic index (i.e. helps maintain our blood sugar levels). Diabetics lose control of their pancreas which is critical go blood sugar maintenance.

(video by Awakened Films)

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