Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps and MMA’s Daniel Puder’s My Life My Power Partner to Give At-Risk Youth in South Florida Tools to Meet Challenges and Lead Happier Lives

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Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps and MMA’s Daniel Puder’s My Life My Power Partner to Give At-Risk Youth in South Florida Tools to Meet Challenges and Lead Happier Lives

Miami, Florida – August 13, 2019 — HealthCorps, a national mental and physical wellness nonprofit founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz, is pleased to announce its partnership with My Life My Power Preparatory Academy (MLMPI PA) in Miami, Florida.

MLMPI PA is an Emotional Intelligence based school system designed to support youth to become passionate and inspired to live life and has a Global Corporate accreditation by AdvancED. MLMPI PA’s founder is Daniel Puder, a deputy Sheriff, undefeated Mixed Martial Arts fighter and WWE’s Tough Enough champion. When he began to hear of the kids who were committing suicide from being bullied, Daniel was compelled to create a program and university evidence based Emotional Intelligence curriculum that provided long term solutions that could be implemented in schools and organizations around the world.   The Miami Academy is My Life My Power’s flagship school.

HealthCorps will begin providing its mental and physical strength curriculum in September at the beginning of the school year.  “This partnership has given HealthCorps the unique opportunity to bring lifesaving and lifelong skills to students attending MLMPI PA.  Through his Academy, Daniel works with the most at-risk students in America.  HealthCorps will be giving those students tools to meet their challenges, take charge of their lives and learn how THEY can make the world around them a better,” said HealthCorps President Michelle Bouchard.  “Daniel is an education visionary and a disruptor.  He knows and understands the HealthCorps curriculum, we are eager to share it with his faculty and student community.”

“Having known Dr. Oz over the last four years and seeing the impact he has on health and humans around the world,” said Puder.  “I have been inspired and blessed to work with HealthCorps the organization he founded to impact the kids in our school systems.  We are excited to welcome HealthCorps as part of MLMPI PA.”

The HealthCorps program will be led by Blaire Hirt, who previously served as a Coordinator at Palm Beach Lakes High School in West Palm Beach.   Blaire will use HealthCorps research and public health data to create a wellness program for MLMPI PA that is uniquely suited to the needs of the student body.  Through HealthCorps, Blaire will also work to extend HealthCorps’ message beyond the classroom by organizing health events and teacher wellness programs, lunch time demonstrations, and after school programs.  She will also serve as a mentor to the students.

About HealthCorps

HealthCorps is a 501 (c)(3) founded in 2003 that works in high need high schools to give teens tools to improve physical and mental health so they can learn to live more productive and happier lives.  The organization has impacted 2.5 million students and educators since then.  HealthCorps has a network of 320 schools and school sites across 23 states that it has worked in through its Living Lab and educator training program

About MLMP  MLMP is a 501c3 non-profit that provides evidence based Emotional Intelligence (EQ) curriculum and trainings to educators, schools, law enforcement, corporations and communities. We provide individuals with the ability to envision their future, along with giving them the tools to get there by teaching them how to turn their vision for a better life into a reality through a life based on significance. www.mylifemypower.org 

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