Dr. Oz and HealthCorps Join Harmony in Health Event

Posted 12/04/2014 | By HealthCorps

“Harmony in Health” Event Mooresville, NC

Coordinators Maggie Baker and Latisha Williams rocked it out with their students in Mooresville, NC. They participated in a community walk & health fair, and had an intimate lunch with Dr. Oz, where students were blown away by the opportunity to eat side-by-side with Dr. Oz and to ask him questions.

Dr. Oz and HealthCorps Join Harmony in Health Event

Dr. Oz recently joined coordinators from HealthCorps and their students in Mooresville, North Carolina, for Harmony in Health, a community outreach event and health fair.  HealthReach Community Clinic partnered with Dr. Oz and our team to provide the community with a full day of health events. Engaging the region in healthy living was the main focus and highlighting the free medical clinics of the Carolinas was one of the goals.

The Health Fair was hosted at the Charles Mack Citizen Center and showcased a number of national and local health-related businesses. There were free dental and general health screenings, screening for diabetes, assessment of weight (BMI) and blood pressure, among other important health evaluations. The community walk, one mile along the streets of Mooresville, had students dancing (instead of walking) as they enjoyed the outdoor activity.

Dr. Oz acknowledged the role that teens, who are enriched with the HealthCorps curriculum, now accept – “They are activists who are embracing healthier habits and taking those messages and efforts home, to parents who can embrace the healthier habits as a family affair.” With HealthCorps currently in Mecklenburg High School, and soon to start in Mooresville next fall, the community-at-large will enjoy the benefits of healthy lifestyle information sourced directly from the high school students.

Dr. Oz also participated in a Q and A, with questions submitted directly by 20 high school students involved in the HealthCorps curriculum. While on the walk, he also had a chance to interact directly with participants, and a stop at a clinic allowed him to speak with patients. HealthCorps also had a booth at the health fair, manned by students.

Karen Buonocore, Vice President of HealthCorps Programs, attended the event and shared the exciting announcement that was made at the event. “Dr. Oz excitedly announced that HealthCorps would be providing the HealthCorps University (HCU) program to Mooresville Graded School District. This training will be held in the spring of 2015, with implementation of the program in the fall of 2015. This is the first HCU to be provided in the state of North Carolina!”

The event culminated in an evening black tie affair where Dr. Oz addressed attendees. A special thanks to Christy and John Mack who helped to raise awareness and support for the HealthReach Community Clinic and who also pledged to continue to support HealthCorps with a generous donation.

-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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